Top 3 reasons your kid will love attending Spanish Camp


As a parent, you want your child to have a magical  childhood. That might mean finding the best summer camp for your kids!  Since there are so many to choose from,  you might be overwhelmed! Take a minute to read our top 3 reasons why your child will benefit from and love attending Spanish Camp!


#1: We Expose Children to a variety of Spanish-speaking Cultures

Children as young as three or four can develop implicit biases and prejudices against people who don’t look like them. In our camp, we learn about Peru, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Argentina, Costa Rica, and other Spanish-speaking countries. For us, it’s not just about teaching a new language,  we want every child to walk away with an appreciation for the beautiful and diverse people and world around them.


#2: We Teach Important Social Skills

After almost two years in lockdown, kids have missed out on developing crucial social skills. We are seeing more and more of the consequences that social isolation has had on children. In our camps, for example, we teach many words for sentimientos/emotions. At first, children learn to express how they feel. Later, they’ll have fun acting out t other emotions such as scared, excited, angry, confused, and surprised. Our campers also learn when to listen, how to take turns, what it means to be respectful, and most importantly, how to have fun! 


#3: It’s Simply Fun! 

In our camps, children learn while having fun! Everyone loves  to have fun. And kids are naturally creative, funny, active, curious, and intelligent. We encourage all of this by  providing  time for crafts, cooking, reading, and active play! 


I hope this has helped shorten the list of camps you are considering! Check out more information about our camps by clicking here


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Until next time! 

Maestra Kathryn
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About Kathryn López Resto

Kathryn is una Boricua! She is from Las Piedras, Puerto Rico. When she moved to Oregon, she didn't know any English, Spanish being her first language. For as long as she can remember, she has loved working with children and is passionate about helping kids just like herself! Kathryn works with us as the Associate Director of AiS and Director of our upcoming virtual program.