The Ultimate Spanish Camp Experience for Kids


As we gear up for another vibrant summer, the anticipation for this year's Spanish camp is palpable. Reflecting on the unforgettable journey last summer, where we witnessed children transforming from timid beginners to confident Spanish speakers, it's clear why our camp is a beacon for holistic child development. This year, we're elevating the experience further, blending science-backed educational strategies with the joy of learning a new language through play, art, music, and cultural immersion. Here's why our Spanish camp is the best choice for your child.

A Foundation in Cognitive and Language Skills

At the heart of our camp is a commitment to fostering cognitive and language skills. Research demonstrates that early exposure to a second language can enhance cognitive flexibility, problem-solving skills, and creativity. Our play-based learning activities are designed to engage children's minds, encouraging them to think in new ways as they navigate the intricacies of Spanish. Language learning is not just about vocabulary; it's about thinking differently and opening one's mind to new possibilities.

Social-Emotional Growth Through Explora y Juega

This year, we're excited to introduce our Explora y Juega breakout time, a dedicated period for children to focus on social-emotional learning. Through activities centered on emotions, sharing, and mindfulness, children will learn the importance of empathy and understanding within Spanish. This integration promises an improvement in language skills and the children's ability to connect with others in meaningful ways.

Enhancing Language Learning with Music and Movement

The power of music and movement in language acquisition cannot be overstated. Studies have shown that music helps memorize new phrases and words more efficiently, as rhythm and melody enhance the brain's memory. Conversely, movement reinforces learning by engaging the body, making language acquisition a more dynamic and memorable experience. Our camp utilizes these elements to create a fun and effective learning environment, helping children to absorb and retain Spanish more naturally.

Artistic Expression and Language Acquisition

Art is another pillar of our camp's curriculum. Engaging in arts and crafts offers children a unique avenue to express their understanding and emotions without the pressure of linguistic precision. This expressive freedom, coupled with the immersive Spanish environment, allows children to explore new vocabulary and concepts in a context that makes sense to them, deepening their connection to the language.

Cultural Immersion for Global Understanding

One of the most enriching aspects of our Spanish camp is the deep dive into diverse cultures. By participating in cooking sessions, cultural activities, and celebrations, children gain an appreciation for the world beyond their immediate experiences. This exposure is crucial in today's global society, as it fosters respect and curiosity for different ways of life, laying the groundwork for a more empathetic and open-minded worldview.

An engaging way we teach culture is by creating escape room like activities where kids have to preform a task to unlock the next clue. We call it Escape El Libro (Escape the Book). The camp staff researches different Spanish-speaking countries' histories and facts to create fun, interactive activities where kids get immersed in the culture!

A Promise of Unforgettable Learning

Reflecting on last year's camp's success and the excitement it brought into the lives of so many children, it's clear that our Spanish camp is more than just a summer activity. It's a comprehensive experience that nurtures children's minds, bodies, and spirits. With even more play-based learning activities, immersive cultural experiences, and a newfound focus on social-emotional skills, this year's camp is poised to be an unforgettable adventure in learning and growth.

The Spanish camp we've crafted is a testament to our belief in the transformative power of language learning when combined with fun, culture, and a supportive environment. We're not just teaching Spanish; we're opening doors to a world of possibilities for children to explore, understand, and appreciate. Join us this summer for an experience that promises to be as enriching as it is delightful. This is why we do what we do, and we can't wait to share this journey with your child.

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About Kathryn López Resto

Kathryn is una Boricua! She is from Las Piedras, Puerto Rico. When she moved to Oregon, she didn't know any English, Spanish being her first language. For as long as she can remember, she has loved working with children and is passionate about helping kids just like herself! Kathryn works with us as the Associate Director of AiS and Director of our upcoming virtual program.