Meet Our Teachers and Staff!


Kenia Flores

Kenia has been living in Oregon for the last 2 ½ years. She is originally from California and grew up in a Mexican household. Kenia’s first language is Spanish and is excited to teach this beautiful language to youth. Aside from teaching, Kenia enjoys hikes, reading, and spending quality time with her Goldendoodle. She graduated from Cal State Fullerton and has a B.A. in Human Services. Kenia is passionate about working with children and is looking forward to this fun adventure!

Richelle S Staff Photo

Richelle Sandoval

Richelle, a native Texan, earned her Bachelor of Arts in Spanish with a minor in Education from Texas State University in 2011. Following graduation, she worked as an English Language Assistant in a Spanish elementary school in Murcia, España, and later taught Spanish 1 in eighth grade. After a break to raise children, Richelle returned to the Spanish education field after working in bilingual customer service. On her bucket list is visiting every Spanish-speaking country, having already been to Spain, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Guatemala, and Costa Rica. Residing in SE Portland with her husband and two children, Gael and Sylvano, Richelle enjoys biking, family time, gardening, and dining out.


Kylie Stark

Kylie, a lifelong resident of Portland, Oregon, cherishes her time in the city and values moments with family and friends, particularly during summer activities. Currently studying at PCC, she plans to transfer to PSU in fall 2023, aiming for a bachelor's degree in Spanish and a master's in elementary education. Kylie's ultimate goal is to teach Spanish to elementary students. In her leisure, she enjoys reading, watching movies, traveling, and shopping, having explored various U.S. locations and visited Cancun. Eager to further utilize her Spanish skills, Kylie is enthusiastic about exploring more cities in Mexico to immerse herself in diverse Spanish-speaking cultures.


Zurisadai Perez V.

Zurisadai was born and raised in Michoacan, Mexico. In 2014, she moved to Oregon with her family, where she completed her middle and high school education. Ever since she was a child, Zuri has loved learning new things. Her biggest hobbies include drawing, reading, and watching movies. She enjoys spending time with her cat and friends, and she's especially looking forward to teaching Spanish to her students!!