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Are you ready to ignite your child's passion for Spanish? Look no further than GoGo Español - the ultimate virtual program tailored just for your little ones!

Imagine a world where language learning isn't just a lesson but an adventure filled with excitement and creativity! At GoGo Español, we've crafted a one-of-a-kind program that goes beyond the ordinary, turning each session into a thrilling exploration of the Spanish language and culture.

From sizzling culinary escapades to joyful sing-alongs, and delightful crafts to captivating stories, we've redefined language learning by infusing every activity with the vibrant spirit of Spanish! Our interactive approach keeps your child engaged, making learning a breeze while they have an absolute blast.

What sets us apart? Our remarkable team of virtual teachers hailing from the heartlands of Spanish-speaking countries such as Guatemala, Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Mexico! Each teacher brings their own unique flavor and cultural touch to the sessions, creating a diverse and immersive learning experience that transcends borders.

And hold onto your sombreros because we have a surprise for you! Meet Maestro Pablo, our globetrotting teacher extraordinaire. He embarks on incredible journeys around the world, all while unraveling the wonders of Spanish culture for your child. It's not just a lesson – it's an expedition of discovery!

GoGo Español isn't just a program; it's a passport to a world of language, laughter, and love for Spanish. Don't let your child miss out on this extraordinary adventure! Join us today and watch your child flourish in a truly exceptional learning journey with GoGo Español! Enroll now and let the fiesta of learning begin!

Monthly Membership with classes for every student!

At Adventures in Spanish, we believe in the power of language to expand our children’s lives in ways that benefit themselves and everyone around them.

We not only teach Spanish, but we provide a window into other cultures and ways of being.

How do we do this? With:

  • Self-paced Spanish learning, so your child can learn at their own pace
  • Offering online and offline activities for a dynamic learning experience
  • Providing full access to Spanish Basics at all times 

We combine fabulous Spanish educational content in addition to rich cultural lessons and activities. Now our students can access well-rounded, consistent, quality Spanish language education at home!

Spanish Basics 2

Spanish Basics is always accessible to members! You can join our program at any time, and not worry about missing out on learning numbers, letters, feelings, or colors! 

We offer two new themes each month – language and culture. Each theme has a series of fun and educational videos that can be watched and re-watched on your own time, at your own pace. 

     And even better, the videos have downloadable companion activities (worksheets, games, crafts, and recipes!) that may be enjoyed offline. 

     As a bonus, our members always have access to Spanish Basics, which includes an original coloring page for each letter of the alphabet, plus videos about feelings, numbers, and more. That way you can join any time without worrying about having missed out on the basics!

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Gogo Espanol Monthly Plan

$25 / month

  • TWO Monthly Themes
  • Spanish Basics Access
  • Instructional Videos
  • Original Printable Activities
  • Authentic Recipes
  • Engaging Teachers
  • 2 months FREE

Gogo Espanol Yearly Plan

$250 /year

  • TWO Monthly Themes
  • Spanish Basics Access
  • Instructional Videos
  • Original Printable Activities
  • Authentic Recipes
  • Engaging Teachers
  • 2 months FREE



"As we've all transitioned to online learning these past few months, we've loved having the opportunity to watch our daughter learn! The videos have been a great addition to our at home learning and I am glad to hear it will be available during the summer since kids will not have many of the usual summer activities."

"My son is restarting his in person Spanish immersion preschool 3 days a week starting tomorrow. Fortunately it was easy to pick a MWF schedule so we could keep the PELP storytime. We have been doing attending a storytime free through our library, but my son is picking up the things from the PELP storytime faster. We enjoy it more, too!"

"I'm so impressed with how quickly, positively, and well you've "pivoted" to online instruction. Helping X learn from home is making homelife feel overly structured for me, but I DO like the idea of learning along with him, having cultural components we can build on with our own writing and reading practice, and of course continued practice of learning Spanish for him. Thank you!!!"