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Learning Through Play!


      Learning through play is a proven method to engage learners of all ages. Kids especially learn through their curiosities and interests. It’s important to acknowledge that every person learns and retains information differently, so a broad range of activities is a great way to encourage learning. The Lego Foundation stated that “In developmental research, joy is often linked with interest or motivation.” We try to spark joy in all of our spanish language learning programs. We have art activities, yoga lessons, recipes, and more!

      This year it is especially challenging to encourage play in our students because of the COVID-19 pandemic, however as Piaget said, “play is the work of childhood.” This means we should put play at the forefront of our students’ lives inside and outside of their educational environment. To overcome this year’s challenge, we created GoGo Español, a virtual program that also includes offline activities. We hope to see you virtually soon so we can play and learn together! 




 “In developmental research, joy is often linked with interest or motivation.”

- The Lego Foundation

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Shayna was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, and has a passion for helping others. She graduated with a master’s degree in curriculum and teaching from The University of Oregon, and worked in Portland Public Schools as an Art Teacher. Shayna recently moved back to Oregon from California where she was a photographer at Disneyland. She has produced social media content for travel companies and museums. When not at her home office, you can find Shayna at the farmer’s market, a dog park, or baking cinnamon rolls.